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Thank you.

I created Asphalt in December of 2016 as a way for me to listen to music for free without paying any of the big bots to do so

I didn't plan for Asphalt to get to where it is today, and I certainly had to learn a lot to get it to where it is.

Over time, the bot has grown considerably - with us reaching over 56,000,000 users during its lifetime. Asphalt has grown from a music bot ran locally to a general purpose bot ran on multiple servers

I am shutting down Asphalt, effective immediately, for the following reasons

- I have endured constant issues with the bot going down (for no reason at all), and they have become too much for me to handle

- I have also endured a significant amount of stress since the bot was first launched in 2016

- I am heavily burnt out working on Asphalt. I have been working on this bot pretty much every day since it launched in 2016

Thank you for everything over the years

- Connor