Asphalt Logo


A rapidly evolving Discord bot written in Java.

Music player

Our music player allows you to queue up music on the go to be played consecutively without waiting for the song to download!

Game Stats

Find your stats in game such as Rocket League, Fortnite, PUBG etc.

Full customisation

Our config system allows you to change Asphalt's prefix, ban NSFW tags etc

Remote Management

Remotely manage Asphalt on your server from our website without needing to execute any commands on your server

Handy Utilities

Asphalt has a range of useful utilities, such as weather reports, currency conversion, WolframAlpha integration and more.

Developers who listen

Our users can submit feedback to the developers, who will act upon that feedback accordingly.

Database Redundancy

Our database is configured with a "slave" copy, which is located in a different data centre, so in the unlikely case that our "master" database goes down, we will be able to failover to that database automatically.

Dedicated Hardware

Asphalt is hosted on only bare metal servers, which ensures that no one else is able to use the server and slow Asphalt down.

Dedicated 1Gbps Line

We hate buffering and hope you do too. That's why we have a dedicated 1Gbps line to our server to ensure that downloads are fast and music plays interruption free.