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A rapidly evolving Discord bot written in C#, serving [fetching...] users.

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Lag-free audio

Asphalt's music player allows you to both queue and play music without waiting for them to download. Currently, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Twitch, Bandcamp and custom sources are supported.

99.99% Uptime

Unlike bots such as Dyno, Asphalt only ever goes down on average 50 minutes in total per year to push new updates to further improve our features and to perform regular server maintenance

Full customisation

You can customise Asphalt's operation to suit your needs. Don't want a category of commands to be used in your server? No problem! Just simply run /module disable

Social Notifications

Asphalt supports real-time YouTube upload and Twitch stream notifications for any channel (for free!)

Handy utilities

Asphalt has a range of useful utilities, such as weather reports for any location in the world, currency conversion, WolframAlpha queries and more.

Active developer

Our developer reviews feedback twice a day to ensure that everyone gets to have their say in how Asphalt is run. There's even a command to track the progress of your feedback!

Automated backups

Asphalt automatically performs a full, encrypted database backup to Microsoft Azure every hour to ensure that we have recent data to restore from in the very unlikely case that Asphalt experiences a data loss

Dedicated hardware

We host Asphalt on only top-end bare metal servers, this ensures that Asphalt will be able to properly use all of the hardware installed in the servers without other tenants using the same resources

Dedicated 1Gbps line

We hate buffering and hope you do too. That's why we have a dedicated 1Gbps line to our server to ensure that music can be played interruption free.